In Lumine Tuo videmus Lumen 


Sabine Woudenberg is a 21-year-old Dutch contemporary photographer. Her images tend to depict stories or a specific atmosphere through (self)portraiture, surrealism and conceptual images.


Her photographs are often reinforced by means of image editing and color correction, sometimes mixed with different forms of media. Her work is about different subjects, ranging from depictions of mental disorder, commentary on our current digital society, studies of the human anatomy (and it’s beauty) and a therapeutic look inside her own medical history.

In the end, photography has always been a deeply personal journey. A way of processing experiences, finding out who she was and who she wanted to become.

Nominations and Expositions
  ROOT Studios New York City 2018 
  PROTO Odeon/Het Fraterhuis 2018
  In the spotlight 2018
          Nominated for PROTO
  Fotoacademie Your World. Your View. 2018
          1st Place
  Deltion World Press Academiehuis Zwolle 2016
          1st Place
  Kunsthuis secretarie Meppel 2014  

Publications and interviews
Kiekie #22
  Lensmagazine Issue 48
  PHOTO/FOTO Magazine
            Online Publication
TSV_ZINE 'Self-Reflection'

  Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam | Fine Art Photography
  Deltion College, Zwolle | Photography